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The Hudson River Valley Greenway Act describes the "Greenway criteria" as "the basis for attaining the goal of a Hudson River Valley Greenway". The criteria - natural and cultural resource protection, regional planning, economic development, public access and heritage and environmental education - provide the overall vision for voluntary local Greenway programs and projects. The general nature of the Greenway criteria allows communities to develop locally-based projects which address community concerns while contributing to the overall framework of the Hudson River Valley Greenway.

Natural and Cultural Resource Protection

Protect, preserve and enhance natural resources including natural communities, open spaces and scenic areas as well as cultural resources including historic places and scenic roads.

Economic Development

Encourage economic development that is compatible with the preservation and enhancement of natural and cultural resources including agriculture, tourism and the revitalization of established community centers and waterfronts.

Public Access

Promote increased public access to the Hudson River through the creation of riverside parks and the development of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail System.

Regional Planning

Communities can work together to develop mutually beneficial regional strategies for natural and cultural resource protection, economic development (including necessary public facilities and infrastructure), public access and heritage and environmental education

Heritage and Environmental Education

Promote awareness among residents and visitors about the Valley's natural, cultural, scenic and historic resources

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