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One of the major principles and objectives of the Greenway Act of 1991 is the development and implementation of a regional compact strategy. To encourage development and implementation of a regional compact strategy, the Act identifies incentives for compact communities which include eligibility in the Greenway Compact Grant Program.

The Compact Grant Program provides 50% matching grants, on a reimbursement basis, for municipalities that develop, approve and implement a regional compact strategy that is consistent with the Greenway criteria and the Greenway Act.  The 50% local match may be provided in the form of an in-kind or other non-monetary contribution.

The Compact development process begins on a regional level - often at the county level - and the Greenway Council will consider funding and technical assistance to develop a regional or countywide Compact.  There are three phases of funding under this grant program: 

  1. Compact development and approval; 
  2. Community Compact adoption; and
  3. Compact implementation.  

For more information regarding the Greenway Compact Grant Program, please download the PDF document Guidelines for the Hudson River Valley Greenway Grant Program .

Download a fillable PDF application here.

Click here to obtain a Sample Grant Resolution

 Applications must be postmarked or emailed by 5:00 PM: August 29, 2014; December 5, 2014; February 6, 2015; May 8, 2015; September 11, 2015.

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