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Hudson River Valley Greenway/ Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area 
Strategic Planning Goals
Diversify and expand funding sources for the Greenway/NHA 
Set clear priorities for the Greenway 

The Core Idea—Making Connections: Based upon the analysis of the strategic position of the Greenway/NHA, we recommend that the core idea for the Greenway/NHA strategic plan be “making connections.” This can be elaborated as “Making Connections” that: 
Preserve the Hudson River Valley’s heritage 
Revitalize its Economies 
Ensure a Sustainable Future for its Communities 
Enhance its Quality of Life

Focus: To do this the Hudson River Valley Greenway needs to be creative, agile and innovative. The continuing support of New York State government provides an important platform for the Greenway to continue its work. But private support is needed more than ever if this irreplaceable organization is going to be able to: 
Provide catalytic grant support so that a community’s hopes for a waterside trail can become another connection in the greater Greenway 
Identify the few remaining gaps in the Greenway Trail and finally build that grand connection that will join communities together and bring tourists from around the globe to the Hudson River Valley 
Provide municipalities with the support they need to encourage economic growth and renewal consistent with sustainable Greenway Principles 
Cultivate the full array of innovative educational and cultural programs through which we can become fully aware of the wonder that is the Hudson River Valley and the rich legacy that connects us all 

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