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Greenway Community Planning


The Greenway works with communities on a voluntary basis to assist in the development of local land use plans and programs related to the Greenway criteria. Greenway community planning projects can be undertaken by a single community to address local issues or a group of communities working together to address both local and regional issues.

Greenway Planning Projects

Communities can undertake a variety of projects that are eligible to receive technical and financial assistance as part of their Greenway planning process.  The following list is derived from the language in the Greenway Act and is intended to provide only general guidance for the development of voluntary local Greenway projects:

Community Planning

  • Comprehensive plans
  • Zoning ordinances, including techniques such as performance & overlay zoning
  • Community design guidelines or standards
  • Subdivision or site plan review ordinances

Public Participation

  • Techniques designed to increase public participation in the planning process including citizen surveys & community visioning techniques

Open Space Protection

  • Open space inventories
  • Comprehensive open space plans
  • Creation of local land trusts
  • Development of transfer/purchase/lease of development rights programs

Cultural Resource Protection

  • Cultural resources inventories
  • Historic preservation plans & ordinances

Natural Resource Protection

  • Natural resource inventories
  • Natural resource management plans
  • Natural resource protection ordinances

Economic Development

  • Tourism development plans
  • Agricultural protection plans and implementation techniques
  • Agricultural marketing & agri-tourism development plans
  • Main street revitalization plans & implementing techniques
  • Waterfront revitalization plans & implementing techniques

Scenic Resource Protection

  • Viewshed analysis
  • Scenic impact review guidelines
  • Scenic road protection
  • Scenic easement programs

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