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A scenic byway is a road corridor that is of regionally outstanding scenic, natural, cultural, historic or archaeological significance. These corridors offer an alternative travel route to our major highways and daily travel patterns, while telling a story about New York State’s heritage, recreational activities or beauty. A scenic byway corridor is also actively managed to protect its outstanding character, and to encourage economic development through tourism and recreation. Byways are designated by New York State for their outstanding quality. All scenic byway designations first and foremost require local support and local nomination.

Through a collaboration between the Greenway Scenic Byways Program and the State University of New York at Albany's Planning and GIS program, the Greenway has developed a Guide Book for planning a scenic byway in New York State, with an accompanying website. The report, "Building Your Byway From the Ground Up: A Guide Book for New York State Scenic Byway Planning," is available through the following link, and contains a step-by-step process for scenic byway planning. The website also contains interactive Geographic Information Systems tools and information to aid in byway planning and map creation for byway nomination.

Go to the Building Your Byway Website

Building Your Byway cover

You may download a copy of the Guidebook at the link above.

The Hudson River Valley Greenway was awarded a grant by the New York State Department of Transportation, from the Federal Highway Administration’s National Scenic Byways Discretionary Grant Program, to explore the potential for a system of scenic byways in the Hudson River Valley.  

The Greenway has also previously conducted extensive public outreach on current and potential scenic byways in the Hudson Valley. The results of that outreach are available here:

 Hudson River Valley Scenic Byways Public Outreach Project Summary Report


Further information about the New York State Scenic Byways Program can be found here .


For further information on the Hudson River Valley Scenic Byways Project please contact:
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