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The Hudson River Valley Ramble spans all four weekends in September and features nearly 300 events stretching from Saratoga and Washington Counties and the Capital Region to New York City. Participants can enjoy guided walking, hiking, kayaking and biking opportunities, estuary explorations and historic site tours that highlight significant historical, cultural and natural resources found throughout the Hudson River Valley.

Ramble events are led by naturalists, ecologists, historians, geologists and trained volunteers from participating groups, which include nearly 200 environmental, land conservation, trail groups, heritage sites and historic preservation organizations. Events are offered for all abilities, most are free and many are family oriented.

The Hudson River Estuary Program is a event partner for the Ramble. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Hudson River Estuary Program leads a regional partnership to restore the tidal waters of the Hudson and the surrounding valley that forms the estuary watershed. Its mission is to conserve the region's world-renowned heritage of fish, wildlife, streams and scenery and to provide places for people to use and enjoy them. In celebration of National Estuaries Day on September 26th, a variety of Estuary Events are offered throughout the four Ramble weekends.

In 2009, the Hudson Fulton Champlain Quadricentennial Commission partnered with the National Heritage Area and the Historic House Trust of New York City to inaugurate the state’s first ever New York Heritage Weekend which was held during the second weekend of the Ramble, September 12-13. During this special weekend, the museums, historical societies, heritage areas, historic places, parks, and recreation areas of the Hudson and Champlain valleys welcomed visitors free of charge or at significantly reduced rates for exploration and participation in special events.

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