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In honor of the Hudson Fulton Champlain Quadricentennial and to encourage a high level of interaction with our resources, Teaching the Hudson Valley changed the way grant awards were provided. This year’s “Explore Awards” are being provided for smaller amounts than in previous years to allow Teaching the Hudson Valley to provide more awards. These awards will be used primarily to fund transportation and admission to our sites. While all applicants are required to be located within the boundaries of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, eligibility has been expanded to allow after-school and summer programs to apply in addition to public and private schools.

Purpose.  The purpose of Teaching the Hudson Valley's Explore Awards is to create opportunities for students to explore the history, environment, and culture of the Hudson River Valley and to connect their academic studies to significant places in the region.
Who can apply?  K-12 educators in public or private schools and after-school or summer programs.  Schools, programs, and sites visited must be located within the federally-designated Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, which includes Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rensselaer, Rockland, Saratoga, Ulster, and Westchester counties. 

Teaching the Hudson Valley (THV) reserves the right to limit the number of awards made in a district, and encourages teachers to apply together if appropriate.  When we review non-school proposals, we will give priority to under-served students and communities.

What kinds of explorations qualify?  Day trips to Hudson Valley destinations with cultural, historic, and/or natural significance or related to Quadricentennial events.  Sites must be owned or managed by a not-for-profit or governmental body and be open to the public.  Examples include but are not limited to archives, art galleries, parks, libraries, museums, nature preserves, and other historic or heritage sites.

Eligible expenses/maximum awards.  Explore Awards are meant to help cover transportation and/or admissions.  THV will consider other costs, e.g., staff required to meet special needs, case-by-case.  We will look at costs per student, as well as total cost, and will keep in mind that school districts and communities have different needs. Awards are unlikely to exceed $4,000 or $15 per student.

Matches.  In general, "available resources" and "in-kind support" together should be equal to at least half of trip costs.  Available resources are trip contributions from any source, e.g., bus service covered by a school or PTA donations.  In-kind contributions acknowledge "value added" by teachers, other school or site staff, parents, or others.  The in-kind examples on the form are suggestions only; you may suggest others. 

Are there other requirements?  THV expects at least one person from the school or program, e.g., the applicant or another person involved with the trip, to attend our summer institute, July 27-29, 2010, in Hyde Park.  Related time and expenses may be counted as in-kind contributions.  (See application form.) 

How and when to apply.  Submit a completed application form by e-mail at any time; no other material is required.  Be sure to review the application tips.  THV will accept applications until December 1, 2009, acknowledging receipt by e-mail.  THV will make awards monthly until funds are exhausted.  Applicants will learn the status of their proposal within four to six weeks.  Please apply at least eight weeks before your proposed trip.

Payments.  Award recipients will be reimbursed for expenses upon submission of appropriate documentation.  Alternatively, awardees may present invoices from transportation providers and/or sites for direct payment provided they do not exceed the amount of the award.

More questions?
Please visit or email

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , putting "Explore Awards" in the subject line, or call 845-229-9116, ext. 35. 

Download an application form.  Complete the form and e-mail it as an attachment.  If you are unable to scan in signatures, please mail the signature page to the address on the form.

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