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Use this guide to complete the Explore Award application form.

Destination.  Eligible sites are those with cultural, historic, and/or natural importance that want to work collaboratively with schools.  Places also must be regularly open to the public and must interpret or preserve the Hudson Valley’s culture, ecosystem, and/or history.

Trip date(s).  If you do not know the exact date, indicate the month or season you plan to go.  If your application is for multiple trips involving more than one class, please specify the group participating in each visit.

Applicant’s name and position.  If the applicant is not the teacher involved in the trip, please indicate that and add the teacher’s name as well.  If more than one teacher is involved, please list all teachers and designate one as the key contact.

E-mail address and best phone number.  Please provide this information for the applicant and/or the key contact.

Questions about classroom goals and pre- and post-visit activities.  One paragraph should be enough to answer each of the following questions.  If you need more space, attach an additional sheet.

Authorized signatures.  Applicant and school/program administrator must sign.  Include scanned signatures when you e-mail a proposal, fax signatures to THV at 845-229-0739, or mail to THV, 4097 Albany Post Rd., Hyde Park 12538.  Administrator and applicant signatures certify approval and confirm that other affected staff agree to be involved.

Submitting proposals.  You MUST e-mail the application as an attachment even if you fax or mail a copy of the signature page.  Contact us, if you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgment within three days.

Trip budget

Total cost = actual cost.  Be sure to check costs with transportation providers and sites.

Available resources = costs to be covered by a source other than THV, e.g., school budget, PTA, or another grant.  Specify source.

Funds requested = what you want from THV;
it should equal total cost minus available resources.

and Admissions.  Please specify costs; for example, three buses @ $250, 30 train tickets @ $10, or 30 admissions @ $5 and two @ $10.

Other costs.
  Use this space to explain expenses other than transportation and admissions that are critical to the trip, e.g., aides for special needs students or books.

In-kind support = "value added"
by teachers, other school or site staff, parents, or others.  The items on the form are only suggestions.

THV institute.
  At least one teacher involved will attend our summer institute, July 27-29, 2010, in Hyde Park.  Travel expenses and unpaid time are in-kind donations.  To calculate the value of time, multiply 24 hours by your district’s hourly rate for professional development work.

Teacher time.  If teachers or other staff will spend unpaid time to learn about the site, prepare pre- and/or post-visit activities/lessons, or engage in similar activities, include this time as an in-kind contribution; calculate as described above.

Chaperons and support staff.
  If parents or others volunteer to chaperon or provide other support for your trip and related activities, include their time (up to $25/hour/person) as an in-kind donation.

doc Download an application.  (137.00 Kb)

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