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Annsville Creek Paddlesports Center

Annsville Creek Paddlesport Center in Hudson Highlands State Park

The Hudson River Greenway Water Trail is designed with the goal of providing one or more access points every 10 miles or less along both shores of the river. Access points are places a kayak may be launched into or taken from the water. Overnight accommodations may be campsites, hostels, bed and breakfasts or hotels where a boat and gear may be safely stored while the weary traveler rests for the night. These accommodations should be located every 15 miles or less to promote multi-day excursions on the river. Unlike access points, they need only be on one side of the river. Day use attractions are points of interest to boaters, such as wildlife marshes, islands and swamps, or historic sites, downtowns and hiking trails. Ideally there would be access to any Day Use site that could be of interest to the boater. They may be on either side of the river.

As of February 2013 there are 96 sites designated as part of the Greenway Water Trail.

This web page is intended as a guide to location and allowable uses at individual sites. Information on site amenities was current at the time of designation and is dependent upon individual site owners. Click designated sites for a list of currently designated Hudson River Greenway Water Trail Sites—78 KB PDF file. If you would like a printed copy please contact the Greenway by email or phone as outlined below.

For more information, or to report errors with this web page, contact Scott Keller, Trails and Special Projects Director by phone (518) 473-3835 or by email

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